Drones With Long Flight Time


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Let’s face, if you are given the chance to own a gadget that you can fly around and take pictures or videos with, you will probably jump at the opportunity right? This is the premise that all manufacturers of drones live by. Those 2 things when combined is probably the most appealing gadget for any person, thus the trend in quadcopters/drones today. It is the 3rd most bought electronic gadget last year and rightly deserves to be. With so many things you can do with it, it makes people want to buy it. Manufacturers have realized this and have been constantly improving the quality of drones that they release.


The first question that probably comes to mind is “what is the best camera drone with the longest battery life?” Well, there are many answers to that question. Let’s take a look.

  1. Parrot AR Drone 2 – The stock batteries of the AR Drone 2 can reach up to 11 minutes of flight time. However, if you replace it with high charging batteries, it can reach up to 20 minutes.
  2. MJX X101C – The stock batteries will last 8-10 minutes of flying. It’s not a lot but if you consider the price range, it is well worth it. It is way cheaper than the AR Drone 2 plus it has a built-in HD camera.
  3. DJI PHANTOM 3 STANDARD – It’s hard to compete with the Phantom 3 since it can stay up in the air for as long as 20 minutes with its stock batteries. And its camera is nothing to laugh about either. Most professional photographers own this.
  4. 3DR SOLO DRONE – It can fly up in the air for around 20-22 minutes. The only drawback is its cost. It’s a little expensive and belongs in the top end of the market in terms of price.

Camera gifts are not that easy to decide, that is, if you take a look at the innumerable gadgets around with equally great features. But these drones with a long flight time is awesome to say the least! The receiver will immediately flash that big smile the moment he receives it. Who wouldn’t, though?

Sometimes you have to have some perseverance even in photography. Perhaps that is the idea behind the supplements that iherb gives. That’s why they have introduced these iherb promo codes, so you can choose supplements that sustain you for an extended period. Imagine that with having drones with long flight time, not only it sustains you in the long run, it gives you tons of images as well.

So there you go, those are the answers to the question “what is the best camera drone with the longest battery life?”.  If you are looking for other reviews about drones, you can visit Cameradojo.com. They provide honest info about drones.

Wedding Moments and Memories through Lightroom Reviews

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  • Great wedding photos in review

Making some significant changes to your wedding photos is not that simple at times. For one, there are wedding photos that are great at first glance and that making some changes on it might possibly alter its original beauty. Second, if you are not using the right tools, though, there is a chance you might damage the overall composition of that wedding image.


That’s where these lightroom wedding preset photographer reviews come in. As soon as you read these reviews, though, you begin to inculcate that habit of producing quality after quality wedding pictures.

Don’t just settle with ordinary tools when it comes to your wedding pictures. These are “once in a lifetime” images that are worth a thousand memories. And if you enhance them with mediocre tools, chances are, they may not be able to exude their natural beauty. And you can only have that beautiful effect if you start reading these lightroom wedding preset photographer reviews right now.

The value of reading these reviews is undeniable as far as its effect to your wedding photos. If in the past you rely so much on your photographer, today, though, if you can extract something out of these lightroom wedding preset photographer reviews, you’ll be able to come up with wedding photos that stand out from the rest. You don’t look like a beginner if you enhance these photos if you have learned a few tricks from these reviews.

So reading them is not a waste of time. You are actually making some big adjustments to your photo the moment you instill the suggestions these reviews can give. Now that is a privilege you can only get out of these lightroom wedding preset photographer reviews.

Choosing Sleeklens for that Product Review

  • Reading this review before enhancing your photographs
  • Choosing sleeklens.com as the site for your photography tools
  • Editing your photos like a seasoned one with some help from sleeklens tools

It pays to know the product you are using, especially with photography. If you do know your product, you will be able to do some experimentation without worrying for some side effects. Since you know your product that well, editing your photo is as easy as taking a picture of it.


That is exactly you get if you read this sleeklens product review. Every information that you need about a particular gadget or some editing procedures you can now easily get from this review. And, needless to say, this review is a work from a professional photographer, who has years of experience when it comes to photo editing and design.

Sleeklens is your one-stop destination online when it comes to intelligent reviews on photography. This sleeklens product review, for example, is a regular staple in their collection, whereby you are given a list of the latest gadgets online and the sure-fire ways of achieving that specific effect on your photo.

You don’t need to go further on the web just to have that site that answers all your photography inquiries, this sleeklens product review covers it all. You’ll be an informed photographer with sleekelens in the long run, that is, if you read this sleeklens product review from now on.

For more of this sleeklens product review, just click this link, https://sleeklens.com/, and get the information you need for the development of your photographs.

Remember, getting the right product spells the difference between a good photo and a bad one. Using mediocre tools produces mediocre images. Sometimes, it is as simple as that. So get the best photography product today, courtesy of this sleeklens product review.

Lightroom in Black and White

  • Using black and white presets for your photos
  • Emphasizing the character of your subject through black and white presets
  • A list of black and white presets for Lightroom

Seldom can you find photographers who would make a living out of using black and white images. In some instances, that is quite a rarity, considering the limitations of these black and white photos. But there’s no such things as ordinary with Lightroom, their black and white presets are as valuable as those presets with color.


If you haven’t tried these Lightroom black and white presets, then you better take it into consideration this time. Transforming your images into black and white has that specific effect on viewers, and only those who have the penchant for producing such images know that too well.

Nevertheless, these Lightroom black and white presets are a favorite among designers, especially the avant garde ones. Using these tools allows them to put an emphasis on character instead of pampering the colors of their photographs. They argue that if you can use black and white images on your subject, chances are, you are revealing a glimpse of the attitude of that particular subject.

So it is a misnomer to think of these Lightroom black and white presets as ordinary tools. They are capable of making a unique effect by emphasizing that angst behind the external features of your subject. It would be impossible for you to achieve that kind of effect otherwise, without Lightroom, owing to the dominance of color at times.

These Lightroom black and white presets, therefore, has that unique value after all. Posting photos on your social media account that emphasizes character and substance through the effects of that black and white preset makes you more of an expert than an enthusiast. So imagine the kind of effect you can give to your viewers.

Workflow Reviews from The Masters

  • Detailed workflow reviews to read from photography masters
  • Professional photographers sharing their expertise through reviews
  • Developing a system when editing a photo after reading a workflow review

What a privilege if you can learn something from the masters! Whether in sports or business or even in the arts, there’s always something special if you can improve on something with some help from these experts. That is the effect of these master photographers detailed workflow review to your photography.


Reading a review from seasoned photographers, needless to say, has its perks in that you somehow cultivate a style that is similar to your favorite reviewer, but with a peculiar angle all your own. You won’t know the effect of that review until you develop a habit of reading it, but it is a habit that photographers should have.

As photographers, we should always keep in mind that at some point we need to upgrade our brand of photography, and one way of doing it is by reading these master photographers detailed workflow review. In it, you will learn how to improve your editing style, as well as developing a system for you to churn out quality photos in the long run.

What a way to enhance your photography, by learning from the masters. You might copy some of their styles, but soon you will have your individual style enhancing your photos. And all of these techniques and tricks are all discussed in these master photographers detailed workflow review.

The aim of these reviews is to make photo editing so easy even for professionals. Not every day that you can have these kinds of reviews, but if you can get it with these masters, you can be assured that you will get your time and money’s worth all at once, even as you create stunning images in the process.

Where to get the best Lightroom Presets?

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  • Website suggestions on where to get the best Lightroom Presets
  • Criteria for good Lightroom Presets

Lightroom has always been a favorite among photographers because it gives you almost all kinds of photo editing control imaginable to mankind. You can make Superman skinnier or Antman gigantic. Whatever you fancy, any skilled editor can do almost everything with Adobe Lightroom.


But if there’s really not much work that needs to be done, or you just want to get things done faster, you’ve probably thought about using Lightroom Presets instead. But where can you find the best Lightroom Presets? We have some suggestions.

Creativebloq, Sleeklens, Design Shack, and Vandelay Design are on top of our list for reliable websites that houses the best Lightroom Presets. These websites offer free and paid options for Lightroom Presets. These actions are easy to download and import to your Lightroom work area.

So how do I know it’s the best Lightroom Presets? you might ask. Well, like any other adjective, the word “best” can be interpreted in many ways but in our opinion, good Lightroom Presets must not have overwhelming number of filters.

The main goal of the “best Lightroom Presets” is to enhance a photo. They shouldn’t be too overwhelming to the sight but instead be able to balance every feature of a photo. Due to the wide userbase of Lightroom , there are many available free and paid options for Lightroom Presets.

Subsequently, there are also a lot of tutorials available online on how to import and use Lightroom Presets. These tutorials can be in text or video form but wherever you are, you can find different comprehensible tutorials in different languages.  Overall, Lightroom Presets are easy to import and very useful to many photographers and editors. They’re useful investments that everyone should try.

Selecting the Best Action Camera of 2016

  • General features of an action camera
  • Ways to find the perfect action camera
  • General features that make the perfect action camera for the reader

Adventures don’t have to be a one-time thing. With different gadgets getting introduced one after the other each year, memories can now be kept in small cards. They can be stored in photos or kept in videos. And with the advent of action cameras, documentation is no longer as big of an issue compared before.


Online, you’ll find tons and tons of articles about the best action camera of 2016. Generally, action cameras are small, mountable, and quite reliable in taking photos and videos for different occasions. But when selecting which action camera is best for you, it always pays to consider what activities you’re planning to document.

Are you arranging plans for skydiving with friends? Better choose a camera with auto-stabilization features. Up for a little underwater dive? Check out the best action cameras that are waterproof and coldproof.

When choosing your camera, also consider skimming through product reviews and find consider the strengths and weaknesses of each brand. Check out videos  on Youtube, and do a little sweep of comments on social media. Reliability is often measured on the first users’ comments.

Admittedly, when searching for the “best action camera of 2016”, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of cameras to choose from. There are those that are decent and fairly cheap, while there are those that have pretty advanced features but are displayed with expensive tags.

But considering everything that makes a camera one of the best, the best action camera of 2016 should be one that’s able to keep up with the owner, able to stay on from the beginning to the end of the adventure, and one that has good quality.

What is Sleeklens?

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Sleeklens.com is a resource website meant for photographers and hobbyists. It was founded by Dan Chabert last 2015. The reason why he made this website was because he felt that all the products out in the market today that Sleeklens now offers wasn’t really satisfactory. He felt dissatisfied with what he got that he decided to make a website that would ensure that it only provides quality services and products that customers would love and appreciate.


Sleeklens’ goal is to provide products that aren’t all in one solutions. They realize that each photo is unique and deserves its own type of retouching or editing. This is why all Sleeklens products are designed to work with you, according to your needs and wants. They can achieve that through the help of professional photographers and top notch graphic designers who are experts in their field. Although the company is based in Denmark, their team is global. Sleeklens.com has gathered some of the best at their field to provide you with top quality photo editing services/products that you will certainly find more than satisfactory.

Sleeklens.com also prides itself from providing excellent customer service because they believe that without a great customer service experience, no matter how good a product or service is, it will still wind up as a bad experience overall. That is why their customer service is receiving lots of good reviews all across the internet. If you don’t believe me, go find out for yourself.

Now that you’ve got a general idea of what the company is all about, let’s talk about what you can get from them. This website provides Adobe Photoshop actions(presaved settings that you can apply to an image to replicate a certain effect) and Lightroom brushes and presets. Since these are the 2 most prominent photo post processing software today, naturally, a lot of people are looking for resources about that. There are also other resources like Photoshop templates for invitations, pricing menus and a whole lot more. You can check them out! You might find some that you will find useful.

Setting Up Your Price List For Your Photography Services

  • Having a photo studio business
  • Nailing down the price menu design
  • Resources for photography

Setting up a photography studio business is hard work. It isn’t just a straightforward process. There are lots of things to consider. You need to find the right location that should be accessible first of all. You also need to consider parking. Also, you have to have the proper equipment. Then you have to hire staff to man the studio. Once that is setup, you need to get down to your pricing. This is a bit tricky because you have to do a little bit of market research. You have to figure out the right pricing for the services you offer. You need to consider your competition when deciding on the pricing of your services.


Once you have done all of that, it is time to design a pricing menu. This is an important task because this menu will be the first thing that a customer will look for. That is why it is important to make a lasting impression. You have to make sure that your menu looks professional and well made. If you are not a graphics designer, you might have a hard time making it. Fortunately, there is a solution for that. Simply search the internet for pricing menu templates for Photoshop. That way, you can easily customize it according to your taste and needs. I picked that price list at infoparrot.com ranked first when I first started my business. Now, I get a lot of comments saying that our price menu looks good and attractive. I picked that price list at infoparrot.com ranked first because it suited my needs and I liked how it looked. Fortunately, it paid off. It should also work for you.

Now if you are looking for other resources that can help you with your business, visit infoparrot.com and you will find a lot of templates, tutorials, tips and reviews that you might find useful. Who knows, you might be able to earn extra income from it. Check it out now!


In the past, I’ve owned my own business. Also, I’ve worked for a Fortune 500 company and I worked for a little Ma & Pa place. Over that time I’ve read several business books but Guy Kawasaki’s bookEnchantment is the best book I’ve ever read on business. Actually, it’s one of the best books I’ve ever read on LIFE.

No, Guy isn’t going to tell you what to look for in an accountant or how to find a web-designer. This book is much more existential. Guy tells you how to create a foundation for your business, promote it and operate it with the highest ethics and standards and how, when doing so, you’ll enchant anyone who crosses your path.

What I particularly like about the book, and why I’m writing about it here on a gadget website, is that Guy explains how to use modern social media and technology to expand and promote your business and how to use those technologies without being annoying!

Even though I read it already, I’m going to be buying an autographed copy. Order one from Kepler’s Books and Magazines and Guy will personalize and sign one for you.