Lightroom in Black and White

  • Using black and white presets for your photos
  • Emphasizing the character of your subject through black and white presets
  • A list of black and white presets for Lightroom

Seldom can you find photographers who would make a living out of using black and white images. In some instances, that is quite a rarity, considering the limitations of these black and white photos. But there’s no such things as ordinary with Lightroom, their black and white presets are as valuable as those presets with color.


If you haven’t tried these Lightroom black and white presets, then you better take it into consideration this time. Transforming your images into black and white has that specific effect on viewers, and only those who have the penchant for producing such images know that too well.

Nevertheless, these Lightroom black and white presets are a favorite among designers, especially the avant garde ones. Using these tools allows them to put an emphasis on character instead of pampering the colors of their photographs. They argue that if you can use black and white images on your subject, chances are, you are revealing a glimpse of the attitude of that particular subject.

So it is a misnomer to think of these Lightroom black and white presets as ordinary tools. They are capable of making a unique effect by emphasizing that angst behind the external features of your subject. It would be impossible for you to achieve that kind of effect otherwise, without Lightroom, owing to the dominance of color at times.

These Lightroom black and white presets, therefore, has that unique value after all. Posting photos on your social media account that emphasizes character and substance through the effects of that black and white preset makes you more of an expert than an enthusiast. So imagine the kind of effect you can give to your viewers.


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