Selecting the Best Action Camera of 2016

  • General features of an action camera
  • Ways to find the perfect action camera
  • General features that make the perfect action camera for the reader

Adventures don’t have to be a one-time thing. With different gadgets getting introduced one after the other each year, memories can now be kept in small cards. They can be stored in photos or kept in videos. And with the advent of action cameras, documentation is no longer as big of an issue compared before.


Online, you’ll find tons and tons of articles about the best action camera of 2016. Generally, action cameras are small, mountable, and quite reliable in taking photos and videos for different occasions. But when selecting which action camera is best for you, it always pays to consider what activities you’re planning to document.

Are you arranging plans for skydiving with friends? Better choose a camera with auto-stabilization features. Up for a little underwater dive? Check out the best action cameras that are waterproof and coldproof.

When choosing your camera, also consider skimming through product reviews and find consider the strengths and weaknesses of each brand. Check out videos  on Youtube, and do a little sweep of comments on social media. Reliability is often measured on the first users’ comments.

Admittedly, when searching for the “best action camera of 2016”, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of cameras to choose from. There are those that are decent and fairly cheap, while there are those that have pretty advanced features but are displayed with expensive tags.

But considering everything that makes a camera one of the best, the best action camera of 2016 should be one that’s able to keep up with the owner, able to stay on from the beginning to the end of the adventure, and one that has good quality.


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