Zap Junk Snail Mail With Your Phone & This Great App!

tumblr_m2zkfzY8Lu1ro09o3If you’re like me, you get more junk snail mail then mail that matters. If so, you’ll welcome this app PaperKarma. With it and your phone, you merely take a picture of the offending mail and hit the unsubscribe button. PaperKarma does the rest. They unsubscribe you from the offending company’s mail solicitation list and when they do, they send you a push notification letting you know.

Yesterday, I got junk mail from Geico, Chase and Discover. I didn’t even open the envelopes. I merely took a picture of the envelope and sent to off the PaperKarma. Within one minute I got a push notification telling me that I shouldn’t be getting anymore solicitations from Chase and after another ten minutes or so I received push notifications about the others.

It’s FREE for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile.


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